October 15, 2006

The Smack-A-Long post mortem

Well, it's over.

For now.

Maybe we'll start this up again next year.

Knitters who signed up: 2 (me and Sarkasmo)

Knitters who finished some lace: 2 (we both did socks)

Knitters who got spanked by other lace projects: 2 (the Pi shawl Sarkasmo was doing and every other lace project I started)

Anyway, I'm over at slowknitter and Sarkasmo has moved to Canada. Her blog is still Sarkasmo

See ya.

July 28, 2006

How is that possible?

I don't know about Sarkasmo, but for me it is just too damn hot to knit. And yet, I am knitting.

But not lace.

I finished the Elfine's socks for my mother (who loved them, but can't wear them in Houston for another 4 months or so) and really desperately wanted to start my own elfines (seriously, that pattern is super fun to knit) with some green cashmere/wool yarn that I got on etsy.

Instead I am knitting some ginormous plain stockinette (size 12 mens. eeep!) socks for the BF. I was supposed to have them done by his birthday last week (HA HA HA HA AHA HA. Seriously, I slay me!). Two things happened: One, I started his socks in this gorgeous cashmere silk blend (nothing but the best for my man) that as I knit it up I realized that it was just way to delicate to hold up to any sort of wearing. And they were slip stich ribbed. I have documented elsewhere my total extreme prejudice against ribbing. There is no such thing as getting my groove/knit on when ribbing is involved. Yet somehow I thought that if I added "an interesting stitch pattern" then I might not completely lose my mind with the miles and miles of knitting happening on size 1 addi's. Yeah right.

Anyway, I pulled them off the needles and started toe up plain ass socks in some Koigu. Yeah, it's still twisty for magic loop, but I like the washed end result. And I feel like this yarn will hold up to wearing.

Then? Well, the sun tried to kill me. I live in Los Angeles, where it has been record breaking temperatures for weeks now. I am a delicate flower, so heat + humidity = cranky, pissy non knitting girl. I fixed that by adding an air-conditioner to my living room on the hottest day of the year (for the record when the guy came to put it in it was 96 degrees inside my apartment and 106 outside. Plus there was humidity.) I won't tell you how much yarn I won't be buying for a little while, but I am a nicer human for the cool air.

Oh, and I went back to work. Okay, three reasons. I work in TV, which actually means A LOT of knitting time on set, but I'm new to this particular show, and they don't seem as knit friendly as my last show. Now I really can only knit during set-ups (when they move the camera) and during lunch. So not as much knitting as I would like.

Hopefully I'll be able to start those socks for me soon. And maybe a lace scarf.

July 03, 2006

Na na na na Na na na na Hey hey hey...

(click to embiggen!)

Check it out Luchadores! My first ever pair of finished socks. (notice I said pair, heh) And they are LACE. Aren't they insanely cute? And also? I got all crazy with my bad self and did a picot edging! (my first) Much better than the garter edge cast off that was recommended in the pattern. More of a pain in the ass, but a prettier end result.

You want details? I got your detail right here:

Oh, you meant the other kind of detail...

Ameilia Raitte's Elfine's sock pattern written for the Magic Loop method. It's free and super fun to knit.

I started doing two socks on one 47" addi turbo 2.5mm. I switched to one sock on it's own needle for the short row heels and didn't change back. Much easier to knit without having to constantly untangle two balls of yarn. I do prefer magic loop to dpns no matter what some people say. Personal preference is never wrong.

Koigu PPPM# P803
Despite what I said over here they turned out MUCH softer after washing and blocking. Still, it WAS a very twisty knit.

Picot edging: When I was done with row 7 in the pattern ( you either stop on row 7 or 15) I knit in stockinette for 5 rounds then I K2tog, YO for one round and then knit stockinette for another 5 rounds and broke the yarn off leaving a 36" tail (this was too long, but better too long than too short. And I didn't measure exactly how much yarn was left when I cut it and wove the end in.) Then I turned the sock inside out and kitchener stitched it down. Turning the sock inside out made the stitching so much easier.

Then I washed and blocked.

I washed the socks in the washer on the cold/delicate cycle. And I'll be honest, I was a nervous wreck. It did help that I had this:

What is this, you ask? Well, it's a sock washing bag. I found it in a Japanese dollar store in Little Tokyo. And it is awesome. The white thing above the zipper is a piece of foam like they use in life jackets. Which means that when the socks go in the bag, the bag floats at the surface. The socks hang down in the water, but they don't get all munched up with the other clothes like the other small wash bags do. I only got one, but I am definitely going back to buy more to send to people who want to take care of their hand knit sockies.

Here's a detail of the floater (heh, I said floater)

And that is all. I am going to start another lace project. Maybe socks, maybe a scarf. I'm keeping it small to match my tiny brain.

June 24, 2006

Disaster averted!

So, when I got back on speaking terms with the Pi Shawl, I found out that I add 2 to everything when I'm angry at lace. There were only the requisite 12 stitches in every repeat. Either I counted wrong on three different sections of the shawl several times, or the shawl felt bad and fixed itself. There's also the possibility that, yes, Virginia, there really IS a lace fairy.

However it happened, I was glad to be able to do my "creative fix" to the issue of having knit 7 extra rows of chart A. I moved the beginning of the round over and knit chart A again, which just scooted the diamond pattern over so that it's staggered. I also put in a nice, fat lifeline. It's about time for another.

Sorry about the false alarm. I didn't mean to leave you chewing your nails for three days. To make up for the added stress, I have a picture of Packet posing with the Pi, and I even tricked her into opening her eyes. Aren't they pretty?

OK, she still looks a little squinty, but I'm still building that trust, trying to show her that I don't use the flash for cat pictures anymore.

June 19, 2006

The Lace Jinx

Lace is not my bitch; lace is a bitch. I could blame this on Wen's ultra-jinxy comment on my last post, but I'm taking the high road. For now.

Last night, while watching Doctor Who (the new series, which we quite like), I began working on the patterns that go between the 5th and 6th increase rounds. It said to knit rows 1-10 of chart A, then to switch to chart B. Easy-peasy!

Except, being the overachiever that I am, I knit rows 1-17 of chart A. An easy mistake; if they didn't want me to knit all the rows, they shouldn't have written them into the pattern! I don't consider it my fault that the pattern writers felt like saving time by making ME responsible for chart-jumping at the appropriate moment.

But, being ever-resourceful and full of determination, I decided it's okay. I'll switch the pattern repeat thingies so that I'm working the stuff that goes after the 6th increase round instead of before it. Doing the staggered diamonds instead of the diamonds with the zig-zaggy things. I never follow patterns exactly, anyway, so this is no different than any other project. Right?

Wrong, because I somehow added an extra two stitches to every single 12-stitch repeat. There are 24 repeats right now, so that's 48 low-down, no-good, freeloading stitches riding my needles.

At first, I thought it would do no good to show you pictures of this, because it looks like a pile of string. But then the sun started shining, and Packet was in the window, and it's just always nice to have a picture in the post, right? So I put the ugly bag of mostly purple on the elegant window seat next to Packet, and by the time I turned the camera on, she made it clear that she didn't want to share her precious space with a jinxed knitting project:
So I moved the shawl over to the wooden table on the right, but right then a bug flew by the window on the outside, which made Packet do a wild pirouette, and she knocked the shawl to the floor. In so doing, she caused a few stitches to jump off the needles, along with the row counter and a stitch marker. I found the stitch marker, but I don't see the counter anywhere. Thank goodness I have a backup.

I was about to thread a lifeline into the first row of chart B to make it easier to rip back if there were any mistakes. I've been jinxed, I tell you.

June 13, 2006

Buttons and code

Well, I finally got around to making buttons for Lucha Libre Lace. The first two buttons were made for us by Mr. Saru-san . I would send him some yarn, but seeing as he doesn't knit (and yet made us some fabulous buttons anyway) I suppose I'll have to send him something made out of yarn. You're in the queue, buddy.

The smallest button was made by me.

You're invited to steal the images, however blah blah blah no hot-linking please blah blah blah.




Here is the code to make the buttons have no border, not crash into other images or text you have on your page, and it also directs people back here if you want.

If you just want the image and don't care about the other stuff then just save the file to your own server.

Sorry about not being able to copy and paste the code (if you do all you'll get is the image), but my brain is too squishy (and Blogger is too stupid) to figure out how to put the code there without Blogger "thinking" about what to do with this code... It's two lines of hand code. If you can do K2tog, YO, SK2P ...


June 09, 2006

A slight change in plans...

The Pi shawl is getting it's round little butt kicked hard, thanks to the (so far) easy repeats and the pointy-point needles. I've gotten to the somethingth increase round (I'm at the part where I have 288 stitches), and I'm running out of Vineyard yarn. My original plan was to make this a Shawl Of Many Colors, but I'm rethinking that, since I've been looking at the other two shades (a rust and a blue). I put in an order for more Vineyard yesterday, and while I'm waiting for it, I've balled up some of that fantastic KPPPM that Wen sent me and I started another pair of Hedera socks. It's a lace pattern, so it still counts. :)

I think WIP photos for lace projects are pretty useless, so I made sure mine have a cat in them:

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